How to install on Windows

There is no 'installer' as such required. You just have to click one of the download buttons (some firewalls or virus checkers might object to an executable so there is the option of the 7zip download. 7zip is a free compression/decompression utility). Your browser should then pop up a message like so:

Save As



You should save the executable, whether you extract it from the 7z or directly, to a place on your Windows computer that has write permissions - eg your desktop. This is because any changes to the program defaults, like the IP targets or Ping interval, are stored in a small .INI text file alongside the program. You should not need any special admin permissions to perform these steps.

Running the program for the first time

The first time you launch ProNetworkChecker, you may get a popup like so: just click 'Run' (and untick the 'Always ask' checkbox). Following that, the program will launch in trial mode almost instantly - no delays while enormous .NET assemblies or other components are loaded!



The trial version of the program is fully functional, just time limited to approximately 25 minutes when you press 'Start'. Once that time period expires, your test will stop but all other functionality remains intact. You'll be able to start new tests, but for smaller amounts of time. To remove these limitations please go to our Purchase page.

For questions or comments, please contact us